Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion were among the founding principles of Cleary Gottlieb, and over its more than 65 year history, the firm has continued its strong commitment to those principles. The firm is home to individuals from varied cultural, educational, religious and ethnic backgrounds, making Cleary Gottlieb a vibrant and engaging community. We strongly believe that promoting diversity in background and perspective strengthens our entire firm.

The firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is the natural corollary to the extraordinary diversity that characterizes our global legal practice. As lawyers, we work on a daily basis with clients from nearly all continents on a wide variety of matters involving a broad array of legal, business and social cultures.

Cleary Gottlieb’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in its mission to attract, retain, and advance a diverse group of lawyers.

The firm also continues to demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion through various activities, including community-building events for Cleary Gottlieb lawyers of diverse heritage and experience, outreach programs to students from an array of cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds, and training and event programs focused on issues of diversity.

We believe that Cleary Gottlieb is an open and innovative workplace. By fostering an inclusive environment amongst a diverse population across the firm, we not only enable our lawyers to benefit from the creativity, talents and perspectives contributed by all members of the Cleary Gottlieb community, but also more effectively serve our broad range of clients.
Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Highlights and Annual Report

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