Mary Watson
New York


"On almost any day of the week, you can attend a lunch seminar in the office – the topics run the gamut from the fundamentals of a specific legal practice to more in depth discussions of cutting-edge legal issues. In addition, our Core Skills training and Cleary Core Curriculum help you transition from being a law student to a practicing lawyer."
— Mary Watson, Director of Professional Development

We encourage new associates to hit their stride quickly – taking responsibility in client matters early in their careers – and we give you the training to do just that.

How do you rapidly transition from law school to an actual practice?

  • First, we have a rich in-house CLE program with comprehensive courses at all levels in all practices areas. These courses are not only offered on an on-going basis throughout the year, but many of them are available online for ease of reference.

  • Second, we start you off with our Core Skills training, which provides the road map for how to navigate your career path at the firm and how to transition from student to practicing attorney – it marks the beginning of our: “Everything they didn’t teach me at law school but I need to know to practice” education.

  • We follow up the Core Skills training with the Cleary Core Curriculum, which continues the theme of training for the practical knowledge you need to be a great lawyer. This training covers topics including: project management; negotiating with difficult adversaries; communication skills; business development; and feedback and mentoring.

  • We also host an informal “Wall Street Lunch” series, where our senior attorneys discuss legal issues in the news.

Of course, what we have described here is our formal training program. A great deal of what you will learn is by doing. Cleary is known for giving you responsibility and experience as early as you can handle it. As you gain experience and become a more senior associate, you will lead a team. You’ll learn to make sound judgment calls for clients, and you will participate in business and client development – all of which will generate confidence and creativity, qualities in no small demand by our clients.